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Our new wardens, Yvonne and Paul, first came camping at Upper Hurst Farm in May 2013 to celebrate their wedding anniversary and I am delighted to welcome them back as our new wardens.

2013 was our second year in business and it was incredibly hot; I was running around like a headless chicken trying to water plants, do the cleaning, book people, do my accounts… in fact, I was doing everything!

On one occasion I was chatting to Yvonne as she knew more about how to use the washing machine than I did and I just asked if they fancied a working holiday. This was completely spontaneous on my part, but they said ‘yes’ and started work within the month.

They started by taking care of the toilet and shower block during the holiday weeks, whilst I did the marketing and looked after the bookings, as well as the meet-and-greet, the weeding and lawn mowing. I remember because I had a little John Deer ride-on mower and I could tell by Paul’s expression that he wanted to have a go!

Yvonne and Paul stayed with us until the end of 2015 during which time their roles grew in scope. Paul’s face was a picture when we had a new Kubota ride-on and I retired from lawn mowing (sadly because that was one of my favourite jobs). At the end of 2015 Yvonne and Paul made a very courageous decision to care for Yvonne’s brother after a stroke. This was a tough decision because their heart was firmly planted in the ground that looks out over Gratton and Narrowdale hills.

I am delighted to welcome Yvonne and Paul back as wardens, who both have an expanded brief, which encompasses everything necessary to run the caravan site with the only exception of marketing and accounts.

Congratulations are in order here for their dedication to Upper Hurst Farm and for their dedication to their family.